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Boro cab firm issues apology to customers as the fallout from the pandemic leaves driver numbers low

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A cab firm in Middlesbrough has issued a public apology after receiving a number of complaints by customers who have been unable to order a taxi because driver numbers are low due to so many leaving the trade due to the pandemic.

The company took to social media to publicly explain the ongoing issue they, as will other firms, face since the worldwide pandemic meant drivers were forced into other jobs as a way of financially surviving.

The taxi and private hire industry was one of the most effected in the UK, with people advised to work from home and travel kept to a minimum. The fallout from such a devastating blow to the trade means driver numbers are suffering.

"We want to apologise to all our customers as our usual standards haven't been met over several weeks now and to explain to you some of the hurdles we are facing as we come out of the pandemic.

"When restrictions and lockdowns were first introduced, the taxi industry, like other businesses, was hit very hard. With pubs and restaurants shut and everybody encouraged to stay indoors, our drivers were left with very little work and understandably many drivers left to seek work elsewhere.

"There is a national shortage of drivers affecting not just the taxi industry, but also the haulage industry with a shortage of HGV drivers too, which is affecting the delivery of goods to shops, pubs, restaurants etc.

"During lockdown we continued to provide essential transport when required and stepped up to help our NHS with their additional requirements, with our drivers going above and beyond and adapting to the new ‘normal’.

"As we have come out of lockdown, we have experienced an unprecedented demand for taxis each and every day - morning, noon and night!

"The people of the Tees Valley certainly do like to get out and about and party which is great news for the local economy.

"This demand, together with our reduced driver numbers, has led to delays at times, for which we wholeheartedly apologise to all our customers. We really are sorry.

"To restore our services levels to what they were before, we've have already started a recruitment campaign and are working with other agencies to encourage drivers who have left the trade to return and also to attract new drivers into the trade. We are aiming to recruit 300 drivers.

"We are most grateful to everyone for being so understanding. We will continue to do all we can to improve service delivery.

"If you could help by making your booking earlier than you would usually, allowing a little extra time , we would be most grateful."

The company is now calling for more drivers to join so they can meet customer demand and fulfil all trips.


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