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Bracknell Council votes to RETAIN Knowledge tests for taxi drivers

Bracknell Forest Council has decided to uphold the necessity of knowledge tests for taxi drivers, both in the Hackney Carriage and private hire sectors. The decision comes after a consultation process that revealed varied opinions within the industry regarding the relevance of these exams in the age of sat-nav technology.

While some drivers argued that the advent of sat-nav systems has rendered in-depth knowledge of the area obsolete, others vehemently disagreed, emphasising the importance of local familiarity.

According to the BBC, one driver highlighted the potential unreliability of sat-navs and stressed the necessity for drivers to possess a comprehensive understanding of guest houses, care homes, and doctors' surgeries. "Sat-navs are not that accurate, and as licensed drivers, we are obligated to take the shortest route," they asserted.

On the other side of the spectrum, dissenting voices argued that the knowledge test requirement discourages prospective drivers from joining the private hire industry. They contended that in an era of advanced technology, such a test is unnecessary and can limit opportunities for private hire operators to recruit additional drivers.

The Council, taking into account these contrasting views, has decided to retain the knowledge tests for both Hackney Carriage and private hire drivers. However, there is a demand for a review of the format of the exam. Officers have been requested to evaluate the existing test and explore possible improvements that better reflect the changing landscape of the taxi industry.


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