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Bumper partners with LEVC to offer London taxi owners access to INTEREST FREE servicing and repairs

Image credit: Bumper

Bumper has partnered with LEVC to offer London taxi drivers access to interest free payments to cover their workshop bills.

The service is being provided through LEVC’s London Central dealership in Islington and marks the first collaboration between Bumper and a specialist electric vehicle manufacturer.

Owner-drivers using the funding facility are able to spread the cost of servicing and repairing their taxis over six or nine monthly instalments up to a total of £3,000. Also covered are accessories, extended warranty, GAP and tyres.

Ryan Warren, service manager at LEVC London Central, says the introduction of Bumper’s payment platform has been welcomed by taxi drivers eager to spread costs and minimise downtime.

Warren said: “Since the introduction of Bumper we have been able to assist more of our customers in their time of crisis.

“Many of the drivers express their gratitude as they have limited funds due to lengthy periods without work because of the pandemic. The option to use Bumper gives drivers peace of mind and helps them balance their finances.”

The service went live from the beginning of the year, with Bumper already reporting high uptake, especially from taxi owners wishing to spread the cost of GAP products.

Jack Allman, Bumper COO and co-founder, said: “We’re delighted to be working with LEVC and the team at London Central to enable London taxi owners to spread the costs of their bills and get their vehicles back on the road as soon as possible.

“We have already proved how dealers offering our interest free Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) platform can convert more aftersales work and achieve higher average invoice values because customers are empowered to finance all the work they need doing, not just what they can afford at the time.

“The aftersales taxi market is an important area of growth for us and we’re planning to rollout to owner-drivers across the UK and into Europe.”


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