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Burnley taxi and PHV safety crackdown: Six vehicles stopped, two suspended

Image credit: Burnley Police

Burnley Police, in collaboration with Burnley Council and taxi licensing compliance officers, conducted a safety operation to inspect the condition of local taxis and private hire vehicles.

The aim was to ensure that these vehicles are safe and roadworthy for transporting passengers. Several vehicles underwent thorough checks to verify compliance with their taxi licence conditions.

Out of six randomly stopped vehicles, two were found to have defects. These vehicles were immediately suspended from service. One of these suspensions also involved reporting the vehicle for road traffic offences.

A Burnley Police spokesperson said: “Today Burnley police have been working with Burnley Council and the taxi licencing compliance officers to ensure taxis and private hire vehicles used by members of the public are in a safe and road worthy condition to be used to transport passengers safely. 

 “Several vehicles were checked today to ensure their safety and that they are following the conditions of their taxi licence. Any vehicles found to have defects were dealt with by the police and taxi licence compliance officers from the council.

“Six vehicles were randomly stopped and checked today to ensure that they were complying with their taxi licence conditions. Two vehicles were reported and suspended from being used as private hire vehicles and carrying passengers with immediate effect with one of these also being reported for road traffic offences. 

 “We do these operations to ensure you have a safe journey whenever you use such services and the roads are safer for all.”


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