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BUSINESS TOOL: Uber looks to enhances corporate travel with new feature for Executive Assistants

In an effort to streamline the process of corporate travel, Uber for Business has introduced a new feature designed to ease the burden on executive assistants (EAs).

This new tool, known as delegate profiles, allows EAs to manage travel arrangements for executives more efficiently, marking an upgrade in the service provided by the popular ride-sharing platform.

Uber for Business has grown substantially, now serving over 200,000 companies globally, including high-profile clients like JetBlue, Meta, and Salesforce. This expansion is partly due to its focus on creating a more comfortable and efficient experience for corporate travelers. Features such as premium ride options, a centralised hub for corporate policies, and automated expensing have all contributed to this success.

The introduction of delegate profiles aims to further enhance this experience by providing EAs with a suite of tools to manage executive travel effortlessly. The move recognises the critical role that EAs play in the smooth operation of corporate logistics.

Delegate profiles offer a range of features designed to simplify these challenges:

  • Flexible Ride Options: EAs can request on-demand premium rides or reserve trips in advance with just a few clicks, adapting quickly to the needs of busy executives.

  • Price Transparency: Costs are shown upfront, eliminating the uncertainty and delays of waiting for quotes.

  • Real-Time Trip Visibility and Communication: The ability to monitor rides in progress, modify trip details on the fly, and communicate directly with drivers ensures that EAs can manage travel dynamically and respond to any changes or issues as they arise.

  • Simplified Expensing: Automatic billing and integration with expensing platforms reduce administrative overhead and save valuable time.

  • Multi-Executive Support: EAs can manage ground transportation for several executives simultaneously, enhancing their ability to coordinate complex travel schedules efficiently.

  • User-Friendly Experience: The familiar Uber interface makes these new features accessible and easy to use, whether at the desk or on the move.

For executives, the delegate profiles mean they can focus entirely on their work, without the distraction of travel logistics.

Catherine Boccellari, an EA who works with Uber’s Senior Vice President of Mobility and Business Operations Andrew Macdonald, said: “Implementing delegate profiles has made a huge difference in my day-to-day workflow.

“Now, I can arrange my executives’ rides in a matter of seconds and know that it’s taken care of, freeing me to take on the rest of my day.”

McDonald said: “Catherine is a critical member of my team, and I rely on her to help me get where I need to be, when I need to be there.

“I also know she has a ton on her plate, and managing my itinerary is just one piece. I’m grateful for tools like delegate profiles that can make her job easier while also keeping me organised.”


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