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BUSTED: Taxi driver enroute to school run pick-up clocks 91MPH

Image credit: Dorset Traffic Cops

A taxi driver near Dorchester was caught doing 91MPH by police officers whilst travelling enroute to a school run pick-up this week.

Dorset Traffic Cops shared details of the discrepancy and an image of the speed gun used showing the 91mph clocked by the cabbie on the A35 Puddletown Bypass.

The driver will receive a fixed penalty notice for travelling above the national speed limit of 70mph.

A Dorset Traffic Cops spokesperson said via social media: “People keep telling us they’d like to see us more in the west so we did today and we went into the Dorchester area…

"We started with some investigations into a collision looking at one of the vehicles involved in detail…

"We then ventured into the town and found a very expensive coffee as pictured. The driver was drinking it whilst driving through the town with no control of the steering so earnt a fixed penalty…

“We then stopped a driver who drove through a red light in front of us, narrowly avoiding a collision. The driver suggested they were distracted by focusing on signs they were following to get to a local landmark. They also earnt a fixed penalty…

“Finally we stopped 4 separate vehicles on the A35 Puddletown Bypass, all well above the national speed limit but these two were of note - the 96mph being the highest of the day achieved by a small SUV; and the 91mph provided by a licensed taxi enroute to a school run. All 4 drivers received fixed penalties for their respective offences.”


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