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Busy Central London taxi rank obstructed by line of Lime e-bikes leaves cabbies outraged

Image credit: @maza1966

In an incident that sparked frustration among the taxi community, a crucial taxi rank in Central London was rendered inaccessible due to a line of Lime hire e-bikes.

A photograph circulating on social media, captured by a perplexed taxi driver parked-up, highlighted the problem as a long line of Lime bikes blocked the New Burlington taxi rank, a key pick-up point for visitors and shoppers in the bustling Regent Street area.

The obstruction poses significant challenges for taxi drivers and their passengers, complicating the process of finding each other in one of London's most frequented districts. For taxi drivers, the blocked rank not only disrupts their ability to pick up passengers efficiently but also contributes to increased congestion in the vicinity. As drivers are forced to circle the area in search of alternative pick-up locations, this detour results in higher fuel consumption and additional mileage, inflating operational costs.

Furthermore, the situation exacerbates difficulties for individuals with mobility needs, who depend heavily on the availability of black cabs directly from taxi ranks for their transportation. The inaccessibility of any taxi rank compromises their ability to travel with ease and independence, highlighting the broader impact of such obstructions on the community.

Taxi trade associations, alerted to the issue through the social media post, were made aware of the growing concern among their members. This incident has ignited calls for better enforcement to prevent ongoing obstructions, ensuring that taxi ranks remain accessible for both drivers and passengers.


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