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CAB-E-MEDIA: New London black taxi media firm offers cabbies a unique ‘FAIR-TRADE’ model

Image credit: CAB-E-MEDIA

A brand new taxi media firm, CAB-E-MEDIA, has entered the market with the aim of helping taxi drivers earn more through its unique ‘fair-trade model’.

CAB-E MEDIA is a new venture by Mayfair based marketing agency Dovetail which was originally founded 25 years ago.

Managing Director, Jayne Alexander, formerly a Sales & Marketing Director at Virgin Management has partnered with Jack Dredge, a London cab driver and former owner of a Knowledge of London School.

Together they have an impressive network across the black cab community as well as internationally amongst luxury travel and lifestyle brands. Both recognise the potential and power of branded black cabs in London, CAB-E-MEDIA was formed and launched for January 2022.

Black cabs are seen as an icon of London and both locals, as well as international visitors, have a trust and respect for their black cab driver with a knowledge unmatched by any other professional driver in the world. Jayne’s maternal grandfather owned a fleet of black cabs in the 1960’s and was a freeman of the City of London.

Jack said: “CAB-E-MEDIA combines the best of London offering brands an opportunity to work with a company with proven green credentials with the cleanest fleet of electric cabs to deliver powerful advertising campaigns to launch and build new and existing brands aimed at a sophisticated London target audience.”

CAB-E-MEDIA will manage integrated campaigns with activations including PR stunts and photo calls with a convoy of client branded cabs to deliver eye-catching imagery and social media content.

Jayne said: “London is starting to find its buzz again and black cabs, iconic with the London landscape, is the perfect platform to advertise.

“CAB-E-MEDIA has been developed as a fair-trade model and owner-drivers will benefit from a working partnership based on transparency, and a respect where everyone benefits from the company’s success. It’s also very exciting to be supporting the trade after an incredibly tough few years. CAB-E-MEDIA intends to attract clients who have never considered black cab campaigns before.”

Jack added: “We really do appreciate drivers are keen to protect their Cabs and owning a TXE myself, I need to know that my cab will be professionally looked after.

“Drivers have been reticent to partner on campaigns for this reason. We are using the highest quality vinyls and our approach is very much about the interests of the driver and his or her cab.”


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