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Cabbie arrested after Nottingham police search finds Class A & B drugs hidden in vehicle

Image credit: Twitter-@NottsKnifeCrime

A cabbie in Nottingham has been arrested after Class A & B drugs were found hidden in their vehicle.

Nottinghamshire Police Knife Crime Team made the arrest following an intelligence led stop and search of the vehicle in Nottingham City centre.

Highlighting the find, a spokesperson from the Knife Crime Team, said: "Taxi for one to custody please. Patrols around Nottingham City centre resulted in intelligence led stop and search on a taxi car.

"26 year old driver arrested for drug supply offences after Class A & B drugs found hidden in the vehicle. Proactive Policing."

The driver will now face criminal charges and is likely to loose their cab licence if found guilty. Officers were unable to confirm if the driver was a private hire driver or a hackney carriage driver.


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