Cabbies and licensing authorities seek ‘urgent clarification’ to confirm taxi drivers as key workers

Taxi drivers and licensing authorities are seeking ‘urgent clarification’ from the Government to confirm whether cabbies are classified as key workers or not.

Following the most recent steps taken by Boris Johnson’s Government, the UK is now effectively on lockdown. Part of those new measures includes allowing key workers to continue travelling and carrying out their jobs.

Transport for London, the capital’s taxi and minicab regulators, are still eagerly seeking clarification from the Government. Approximately 20,000 taxi drivers and over 100,000 private hire drivers are currently unclear whether they can continue working during the coronavirus lockdown.

Graham Robinson, Taxi and Private Hire Interim General Manager at TfL, wrote: “We, alongside taxi and private hire trade representatives, are seeking urgent clarification from Government as to whether taxi and private hire drivers are defined as key workers.

“As soon as more information is known we will issue a further Notice.

“Regular conference calls are now scheduled with trade representatives and we will use a range of methods to disseminate important information to you.”

Image credit: Mark Twyman

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