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Cabbies and other transport drivers among least likely groups to have received COVID booster jab

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

New ONS data examining COVID-19 and vaccination rates in people aged 40 to 64 years in England by occupation, have placed cabbies and other transport workers as one of the least likely groups to have received a COVID booster jab in England.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) released details showing the occupations of people that had the highest and lowest levels of coverage for booster vaccinations.

The occupations with the lowest coverage for third dose and booster vaccinations were elementary trades and related occupations (37.0%) and skilled construction and building trades (39.8%); these occupations also had the highest proportion of people that had not received a vaccination at 14.5% and 12.0% respectively.

The ONS broke the data down further into a category which included bus and taxi drivers, train and tram drivers, driving instructors and airport baggage handlers. The data revealed just 43.9% are thought to have had the latest third jab booster.


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