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Cabbies concerned as new restrictions hit Worthing Station

Updated: May 9

A new sign has appeared on Railway Approach, Worthing, warning drivers: "No parking. A £100 penalty notice (reduced to £60 if paid within 14 days) may be issued to any vehicles parked in this area."

Additionally, a second sign warns that parking on the pavement is also prohibited. These restrictions are enforced by APCOA Parking in partnership with Govia Thameslink Railway (GTR).

According to GTR, the signs aim to prevent vehicles from parking on double yellow lines, ensuring pedestrian safety.

Arrow Taxi Group driver Vinnie Saunders expressed concerns, telling Sussex World: “It is just silly. They have taken away the drop-off bay. Now they have put signs up saying it's a £100 fine for anyone stopping there."

Saunders, along with 250 Arrow taxi drivers, is anxious about the impact on their operations. The removal of the drop-off bay and the potential fines leave drivers uncertain about where they can safely drop off passengers.

GTR has responded, stating that a taxi rank is available near the front entrance of the station, and there is a '20-minute grace period' in the station car park for drop-offs.


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