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Cabbies Do Kilimanjaro inspires over THIRTY London cabbies to take up the challenge for 2020

The brave London cabbies who recently reached their goal by climbing Mount Kilimanjaro have set their sights on a new challenge.

If climbing up the world’s tallest freestanding mountain wasn’t enough, next year they are adding a second mountain into the equation and have opened the invitation to other cabbies up for the challenge.

According to the remaining two cabbies involved, one of their goals when they arrived back from Tanzania was to inspire and motivate other people to experience what they had. 

Daron Parr, one of the cabbies who completed the Kilimanjaro trek this year, said on their website: “We wanted to come back to Tanzania because we had enjoyed it so much, but it was pointless just coming back to climb Mount Kilimanjaro again there had to be another reason.

“Then John (Dillane) came up with ‘How about back to back mountains’. It was one of those eureka moments. I knew exactly what he meant. Climb Mount Meru, then climb Kilimanjaro straight after it all just fell into place.

“I said ‘Why not get a team of cabbies to meet us at the foot of Kilimanjaro and we get as many London Taxi Drivers on the roof of Africa as we can’.  We all looked at each other it was a perfect moment, our challenge had not just come to an end, it had just started.”

A total of 35 London cabbies replied to the call for action enquiring about taking part in next year's trek.

Only two of those have had second thoughts about the dedication and commitment required to attempt the challenge. So as it stands, a diverse group of 33 cabbies from all different backgrounds, genders, weights and ages have accepted the challenge of Kilimanjaro in 2020.

This year the Cabbies do Kilimanjaro trek will be supporting different charities. Benefitting will be the Taxi Drivers Charity for Children, a well established charity that was formed in 1928 helping London’s disabled and underprivileged children. A quarter of the money raised will also go to a Tanzanian children’s charity.


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