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CABBIES' QUESTION: If you could change ONE THING about the LEVC TX… what would it be?

Since the launch of the LEVC TX in January 2018, LEVC have shifted over 9,000 global sales, with those vehicles travelling more than 500 million miles.

Recently the Coventry based manufacturers released a new strategy which focuses heavily on becoming a leading zero-carbon mobility technology company.

That news prompted thoughts around a new fully zero-carbon taxi emerging from Brewery Road in the near future and what improvements drivers would like to see from the black cab manufacturers. asked the capital’s cabbies what one thing they would change on the popular LEVC TX taxi.

The main response centred on the vehicle’s price which has risen sharply due mainly to inflation and higher interest rates on finance packages.

The other top answers given by cabbies were the need for a higher electric driving range and quicker heating systems in the cab.

Other suggestions included a better ‘hire’ light, passenger cup holders and Apple and Android Play options.

Whilst there has been no date or plans announced around a fully electric TX model former LEVC CEO Joerg Hofmann did hint that the aim has always been to release a fully electric version, but only when the time was right.

In an interview with TaxiPoint in June 2021, Hofmann said: “LEVC will have a full battery electric taxi in the future, this is our clear future product strategy. I can’t commit to a timing at this stage, but I am certainly comfortable that we will bring this product to market when the range, performance and battery costs as well as the charging infrastructure are all optimised.”


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