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Cabbies to undergo DBS checks every six months under new proposals by Hambleton District Council

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

Image credit : Pixabay

Taxi and private hire drivers licensed with Hambleton District Council could soon be subjected to criminal background checks every six months under new proposals being considered by the council's licensing committee.

Currently, drivers undergo DBS checks every 3 years, but in an attempt to improve passenger safety, members of the licensing committee have proposed that such checks are undertaken on a more regular basis.

If the final approvals are agreed, it would mean that drivers would not only be expected to complete background checks, but also private hire operators, who currently do not undergo such extensive criminal checks.

Operators would be expected to undergo background checks annually, rather than every 6 months like drivers will have to.

Simon Fisher, the council's licensing and procurement manager, said at a licensing meeting held on Wednesday 11 August: “The staff who are responsible for taking bookings and dispatching vehicles – they are not licensed by the council.

“So, this is a new obligation, as recommended by the Department for Transport, so that private hire operators take some responsibility to ensure that those people who are trusted with potentially system information are also subject to criminal record checks.”

With regard to any increased costs the council will incur to complete such checks on a more frequent basis, the licensing committee has proposed that this will be recovered within drivers' licensing fees.


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