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Cabbies urged to CAREFULLY read signage on out of area bus lanes and taxi ranks to avoid fines

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

Taxi representatives have urged cabbies to CAREFULLY read the signage on bus lanes and taxi ranks OUTSIDE of their licensing authorities to avoid the risk of Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs).

The Licensed Taxi Drivers’ Association (LTDA) highlighted one incident in particular in Brighton, where a London black cab received a ticket for parking on a working taxi rank, while locating toilet facilities.

Only licensed taxis from the area can use taxi ranks to ply-for-hire.

London’s taxi representatives also urged cabbies to look carefully at bus lane signage to escape being fined. Some bus lanes can be used by taxis from outside of the authority, however some are marked for use of ‘local’ taxis only.

Suzanne Sullivan, LTDA Airport Representative, said in TAXI Newspaper: “I had a driver present me with a PCN that he acquired on a taxi rank in Brighton. He was lucky enough to get a fare from Heathrow to Brighton but had been stuck in a lot of traffic on the M25. Once he dropped his fare, he looked for somewhere to park to use the toilet facilities, before venturing back into London.

“He found a taxi rank that stated: ‘No waiting at any time except for taxis.’ He parked his cab on the rank and went to use the toilet. He was gone for a matter of minutes, but on his return, he was being presented with a PCN.

“He questioned this with the warden to be told, it was for local taxis. As much as I felt his frustration, I did think to myself, ‘how would we feel if we found a Brighton taxi parked on one of our London ranks?’

“If there is a parking restriction on a street and there is also a Hackney carriage stand on that street, Hackney carriages can only wait on the stand whilst they are plying for hire or waiting for a fare. They cannot simply use it as a parking place.

“It’s important we check signage and don’t presume taxis can park on any rank. It’s the same with bus lanes out of town. I, myself have often used the bus lane in Reading as my son was at university there and never got a ticket. I have heard of drivers that got a PCN in bus lanes in other cities. The sign will normally say local buses and local taxis, rather than the normal taxi sign.

“We are all capable of receiving tickets as it’s like being in a goldfish bowl out there, we just have to be mindful of reading all signs and notices.”


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