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"CAN'T YOU LET ME OFF WITH A WARNING?" Cabbie's plea to police after getting caught using phone

A Bradford licensed cabbie has been reported by West Yorkshire Police Steerside Enforcement Team after being caught using a mobile phone while driving.

Officers pulled over the driver after noticing they were having a conversation on a mobile device which they were holding.

Desperate not to be reported for the offence, which comes with a fine and 6 penalty points, they pleaded with the officer "let me off with a warning".

Needless to say the officer said "no". Highlighting the incident on their official Twitter account @WYP_Steerside, saying: "Q; "Can't you let me off with a warning?"

"A; "No". The question asked of us earlier by a taxi driver we stopped for talking on a handheld phone whilst driving.

"Reported for the offence and also reported to Bradford Taxi Licensing for their consideration."

The licensing committee could now reconsider whether the driver is still "fit-and-proper" to hold a licence.


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