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CAN YOU GUESS WHERE IT IS? New study reveals the priciest airport taxi fares in the world

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

With travel beginning to open up around the world, people will be budgeting for a

long-awaited vacation and that includes their taxi trip from the airport to the hotel.

Fleet Logging have created a series of maps and infographics to show the cost of an airport taxi ride around the world, as well as the cheapest and most expensive airports to hail a ride.

Following their guide to plane, train, and bus pricing around the world, set out to discover the airports that charge the most for a taxi ride to the city centre, and the airport taxis that charge the most per kilometre.

Half the most expensive airport taxis are located in Europe. But the most expensive airport taxi in the world, costing a cool $165, is handed to cabbies driving from Hiroshima Airport into the Japanese city centre 38 kilometres away.

Japan’s Oita Airport will cost the same amount as its Japanese counterpart, leaving London’s Southend Airport to pick up third spot costing $146.


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