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Capital Cars win Edinburgh Airport tender offering up both black cabs and PHVs to public

Capital Cars have won the tender to offer both black cabs and private hire vehicles (PHV) at Edinburgh Airport’s ranks starting in mid-April 2023.

Enhanced technology to provide wait times and electric charging points are part of a new deal that will see Capital Cars operate both the black cab and private hire operation at Edinburgh Airport.

The firm will manage the area for the next five years and will work closely with the airport to ensure a steady supply of vehicles for passengers.

The deal will see upgraded technology, including charging points for electric vehicles, a queue monitoring system, and new automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras, being installed to improve the passenger experience.

The Capital Cars full operation bid was the strongest, after the opportunity being publicly advertised and having gone through a full procurement process, and will come into effect on 14 April 2023.

There is expected to be a one queue mixed booking facility based on a first come first served basis. This will mean there will be one continuous queue for both drivers and customers.

All bookings will go through the Capital systems via Marshalls, where the customer can specify vehicle preferences or just select the first licensed vehicle available.

According to a recent statement there will be no bias shown toward Private Hire or Black Cabs and it will be left to customer choice and service levels.

Drivers wishing to work the new Airport Facility will be required to download their Autocab app in advance. Training will be offered closer to the launch date in April 2023.

A spokesperson for Edinburgh Airport said: “Onward travel from an airport is an important part of the passenger journey and we want to make that as easy and smooth as possible by providing as many options as we can.

“The tender process has worked to identify how we can ensure a consistent and reliable supply of taxis and private hire cars for passengers who need that option and we are now able to confirm Capital Cars as our black cab and private hire operator for the next five years. We think the new measures we will introduce as part of this deal will provide passengers with up to date data on taxi and private hire times, as well as encourage that move to electric vehicles thanks to the installation of new charging points.

“We know the taxi industry has faced challenges during COVID recovery and that has been experienced in cities across Scotland and the UK, and we hope the new measures together with a sole operator operating our rank will allow us to have a closer working relationship to identify where and how we can improve the experience for passengers.

“We thank all interested parties for their participation in this tender process.”


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