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CARD PAYMENTS: TfL reveals number of taxi drivers using handheld devices and defective fixed devices

In a recent disclosure by Transport for London (TfL), it has been exposed that a small number of licensed taxi drivers in the city have been found to be using unapproved card payment devices.

Over the past 12 months, TfL's on-street operations have resulted in the identification of some irregularities when it comes to the industry's compliance with card payment regulations.

As many as 20 taxi drivers have been reported for working in vehicles equipped with unapproved card payment devices. Some drivers use devices that offer cheaper processing fees that those approved by TfL. However, all taxi drivers must use the pre-approved and fixed device in the rear cabin of the taxi.

Five taxi drivers were caught using secondary payment devices. The use of ’back-up‘ devices is not permitted by the regulators. However, there are a number of drivers who do keep a secondary device if the primary fixed device fails. This could include hardware, software and connection issues.

45 taxi drivers were found working in vehicles with defective payment devices. This causes inconvenience to passengers who expect a minimum service level provided by thousands of cabbies throughout the capital each day.

TfL has deemed the installation of a TfL approved card payment device as a 'condition of fitness' for all licensed taxi drivers in London. This requirement underscores the importance of facilitating convenient and secure payment options for passengers.

Any taxi found not complying with a working fixed payment terminal are usually issued with an unfit notice. That unfit notice remains in place until the requirement is fulfilled and the vehicle is presented for inspection.

A driver found to be using any unapproved device may also have their fitness to be licensed reviewed.


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