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Cardiff taxi and PHV operation sees stop notices and driver reports issued

Image credit: DVSA Enforcement

In a joint operation in Cardiff, the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), South Wales Police Roads unit and Cardiff Council Licensing officers teamed up to conduct checks on taxis, private hire vehicles and PSV (Public Service Vehicles) for safety and compliance checks.

According to a spokesperson from DVSA Enforcement, who shared the information via social media, the checks led to several dangerous defects found on the vehicles pulled over. The council issued stop notices to some drivers who were found to be operating in contravention of laws and regulations.

The police also caught several drivers committing offences such as driving without due care and attention.

This operation is part of a wider effort being carried out by different agencies across the United Kingdom to ensure vehicles used to transport people comply with safety and regulatory standards.

A DVSA Enforcement spokesperson said via social media: “Taxi, Private Hire and PSV checks in Cardiff.

“Partnership working with South Wales Police Roads unit and Cardiff Council Licensing officers.

“Lots of dangerous defects dealt with by us, stop notices issued by the council and numerous offences including driving without due care and attention by police.”


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