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Cardiff taxi drivers could be set for vital tariff rise worth over 30% during the evenings

Taxi drivers in Cardiff could be in line for a sizeable tariff increase after cabbies call for support covering rapidly rising fuel and living costs.

Based on the proposals put forward, the cost of a three-mile journey will increase by 21.8% during the day, 32.1% during the evening and weekends, and 28.4% during the night and bank holidays.

The Hackney Carriage Alliance has put forward proposals to Cardiff Council which could see starting tariffs increase by £1 from £2.50 to £3.50.

Price increments may increase from 10p to 20p. For weekday daytime (tariff 1), the increment would be charged every 170 yards, for weekday evenings and weekends (tariff 2), every 150 yards and for late night travel and Bank Holidays (tariff 3), every 130 yards.

The cost of waiting time charges could also increase from 20p for 48 seconds to 30p for 30 seconds, and an increase in soiling fees is likely to rise by £10 to £60.

If the council cabinet approves the new tariffs proposed, the tariff will be advertised for 14 days to provide the opportunity for people to object. If no objections are received, the tariffs are likely to go live on 1 September 2022.


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