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Cardiff taxi drivers to protest against removal of hackney carriage vehicle cap

Cardiff taxi drivers are set to take to the streets in protest over the plans of Cardiff City Council to lift the cap on the number of hackney vehicles permitted to operate in the city.

The demonstration, scheduled for 20 September, will see drivers expressing their concerns about the potential impact of this decision on their livelihoods.

A spokesperson from Unite Wales, the union representing the interests of workers in Wales, stated their opposition to the removal of the vehicle cap. The spokesperson affirmed that the union's members, who are already facing various challenges, anticipate further difficulties if the cap is lifted. They argue that this move will make it even harder for drivers to earn a decent wage.

The protest, organised by Unite Wales, is scheduled to commence at 9.30am outside County Hall in Cardiff. Taxi drivers from across the city are expected to come together to voice their concerns and demand that their livelihoods be protected.

Removing the cap on hackney vehicles has been a contentious issue within the taxi industry. Opponents are worried that it will lead to oversaturation and economic instability for drivers.

Cardiff City Council's decision to lift the cap has motivated drivers to take a stand against potential adverse effects on their earnings and quality of life. They believe that a regulated and balanced system is crucial for sustainable and profitable employment in the sector.

A Unite Wales spokesperson said: “On Wednesday, Cardiff Taxi Drivers will be protesting against Cardiff City Council plans to remove the cap on the amount of hackney vehicles allowed to work in the city.

“Our members are already struggling, lifting the cap will only make it harder for drivers to make a decent wage.”


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