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CAUGHT RED HANDED: Private Hire Vehicle driver fined for using mobile phone on the M25

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

Image credit: Surrey RoadSafe (Twitter)

A private hire vehicle (PHV) driver was caught using his mobile phone on the M25 while driving a family to the airport.

The driver's reckless behavior led to a Traffic Offence Report (TOR) being issued, resulting in six penalty points on his driving licence and a £200 fine. The local council has been informed of the incident as well.

Surrey RoadSafe, a partnership between Surrey Police and Surrey County Council, shared an image of the incident on social media. The photo showcased a silver Mercedes Vito Tourer, typically used for private hire services, pulled over on the bustling motorway while the driver engaged with a police officer.

A Surrey RoadSafe spokesperson said: “This taxi driver was seen using his mobile phone M25 11-10 whilst taking a family to the airport. TOR issued (6 points, £200) and council made aware.”


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