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CCTV AND SCREENS: Petition asks Government to review national taxi and PHV safety guidelines

There are fresh calls for Government to review national taxi and private hire vehicle (PHV) safety guidelines which includes access to CCTV and partition screens.

The renewed call comes from PHV fleet operator Rachel Dale who recently launched a new national professional drivers' association called ‘Females In The Fleet’ (FITF) created for women drivers in the UK.

The association, which is supported by several key names in the world of taxi and PHV, aims to provide access to funding and sponsorship to women looking to enter the industry. Mentoring and ongoing training with experienced industry names, sickness and accident insurance, legal assistance, and opportunities to network are also provided.

In the latest move, a petition has been created asking for Government to conduct a full review into the safety and security of taxi and PHV drivers especially looking at how lone female cabbies can be protected.

According to the petition the aim of the review should be to produce national guidelines for all Local Authorities to adopt. It is hoped this could encourage more women to enter the profession.

With only 3% of cabbies being female, many within the industry say this is not representative of any communities. There has in some regions been a long-term push for women to CONSIDER the flexible working job as a long-term career.

The petition summary adds: “The industry is in crisis and needs more drivers. Drivers are lone workers and are at higher risk of being victims of crime. Depending upon where a driver is licensed their safety and security may vary.

“Drivers nationally should be protected. This could include access to the same provisions such as CCTV or Safety Screens. Ensuring safety will encourage more drivers to train and will retain current drivers.”


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