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CCTV systems which allow conversations TO BE RECORDED made mandatory in West Yorkshire taxis

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

East Riding of West Yorkshire Council has agreed to pay £160,000 to fit CCTV equipment in licensed taxis after deciding to make the devices mandatory in all licensed cabs.

During a council meeting where the decision was made, licensing committee members heard that the new systems would have the ability for both the driver and passenger to record conversations at the flick of a switch, which will alert either one by way of a 'recording light' coming on.

The committee heard that having such a feature could help deter drivers or passengers from talking inappropriately, and could also be used as evidence in any case brought forward by either party.

In addition, licensing officers said the installation of CCTV equipment could help cabbies save money on insurance.

A trial scheme had already been launched by the council, which saw two thirds of taxis fitted with CCTV, but the conditions were not mandatory.

The latest decision will now see the remaining vehicles fitted by the council at a cost of around £160,000.


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