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Change the colour of TfL minicab roundel EVERY YEAR to improve safety says taxi trade rep

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

A taxi driver group has called on the Government and licensing authorities to change the colour of the Transport for London (TfL) ‘roundels’ displayed in Private Hire Vehicles (PHV) every year to make them safer for the public.

Private hire vehicles in the capital must have licence discs, known as ‘roundels’, displayed on the front and rear windscreens. They will show the TfL licence number, licence expiry date, vehicle's registration number, and the number of passengers the vehicle is allowed to carry.

Sometimes, private hire vehicles will also have a pre-booked sticker on display. This is optional and should not be taken as proof that it is a licensed vehicle.

The Government recently closed a 12-week consultation to update vital Taxi and Private Hire Vehicle (PHV) guidance supplied to local authorities to better cope with new digital ways of working following the boom in ride-hailing services.

London Cab Drivers Club (LCDC) responded, making several points around private hire vehicle (PHV) recognition, tinted windows and passenger safety. One of the recommendations included the introduction of different colour PHV roundels each year to stop rogue minicab drivers using vehicles that are no longer licensed.

Vision Zero aims to eradicate deaths and serious injuries from London’s roads and make London a safer, healthier and greener place.

Last summer London’s transport regulators said they would investigate and ‘take appropriate action’ against those incorrectly using Transport for London (TfL) roundels and branding.

Concerns over the fraudulent use of private hire vehicle signage once drivers sell their minicab vehicles were dispelled by the Mayor Sadiq Khan.

Susan Hall, Conservative London Assembly Member, asked the Mayor in July 2021 what work is being carried out by TfL to discourage and prevent people from selling former private hire vehicles with TfL roundels and other branding/insignia still on display.

Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, replied: “Vehicle licensees are required to inform TfL of a change of ownership and must return any licence documents to TfL if the vehicle is no longer being used as a Private Hire Vehicle or taxi.

“Private hire operators are required to provide a booking confirmation to passengers before their journey starts.

“This must include the vehicle registration mark, the first name of the driver, the driver's private hire licence number (as shown on the ID the driver is wearing) and, where the customer is able to receive it, a photograph of the driver. Passengers can also check whether a private hire vehicle (or driver or operator) is licensed by using TfL’s online licence checker.

“TfL will investigate and take appropriate action in relation to any information received which suggests that individuals are identifying themselves as being licensed, through branding, where this is not the case.”


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