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WINDSCREEN WIPERS: When is it time to change and what signs of wear should I look for?

With the wet and dreary autumn months fast approaching, it is essential that you make sure your car is ready to be driven in such conditions.

Faulty or damaged wipers can make your regular morning commute unsafe if your windscreen can’t be properly cleared of rain, dirt, or motorway debris – not to mention you can fail your MOT for this reason too.

Switching out the old for the new seems to be on many Brits’ to-do lists, with searches for ‘change windscreen wipers’ up by 83 percent when compared with this time last year, and searches for ‘replace windscreen wipers’ up by 23 percent this month alone.

To help people know when it’s time for a replacement, the experts at Windscreen Wipers have put together a handy list of things to look out for that may indicate you’re in need of some new wipers.

Streaky windscreen

If your screen is left with streaky marks after using the windscreen wipers, you could be due a new pair. Check the rubber underneath for any cracks or splitting that could be causing them to leave streaks.

Blades are skipping

Skipping blades usually indicate a bent blade, so if your wiper blades are missing parts of your windscreen, but cleaning others, then it might be time to get them changed. This can be caused by infrequent use, particularly during hotter months, causing the material to shift out of shape and skip over your windscreen.

Blades are more than a year old

It is typically recommended to change your windscreen wipers for some new ones every 6 to 12 months. If yours are ageing, then it could be time to look at changing them.

They’re making unusual noises

Squeaking caused by your windscreen wipers is not only annoying but can signify that you need some new ones. Listen out for a change in noise from your wipers on your next drive.

A change in season

You may consider investing in some new windscreen wipers for specific seasons. Particularly in winter, when the weather is harsher and colder, having some blades that are designed to handle freezing temperatures, heavy rain, ice, and snow is a good idea.

The experts at Windscreen Wipers said: “The importance of having appropriate and working windscreen wipers is often overlooked, but it is key for your safety that you keep them in an acceptable condition.

“After all, not only is it irritating and distracting to have a dirty windscreen when driving, but it can also be unsafe if the dirt is restricting visibility. For this very reason, wipers are inspected in every MOT. If your wipers are deemed to be working insufficiently, and therefore not road-safe, you could fail your MOT, potentially incurring more costs in the long term.

“We suggest checking your wipers regularly for signs of any damage like cracks or breaks in the rubber, bending to the blade itself, or a squeaky noise coming from them while in use.

“Windscreen wipers typically last between 6 months to a year, so if you think it’s been a while since you’ve switched them out for a newer pair, then it might be worth taking a look at them. It’s also important to ensure you’re buying the right wiper blades for your car, so they fit and work efficiently. Make sure to do your research or speak to experts about the suitable blades for your motor’s make and model.”


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