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Cheltenham cocaine dealer sentenced after using taxis for drug runs

Updated: Feb 11

Image credit: Gloucestershire Constabulary

A Cheltenham cocaine dealer was sentenced to seven years in jail after using taxis for drug runs.

Ben Goff, a 29-year-old from Cheltenham, was sentenced at Gloucester Crown Court yesterday for his elaborate drug trafficking operations. Utilising taxis and his mother’s car, Goff orchestrated the collection and distribution of cocaine from Birmingham to Gloucestershire over a span of three months.

Goff, who pleaded guilty to charges of supplying cocaine and three instances of driving while disqualified, will serve half of his sentence before he is eligible for release on licence. Despite being banned from driving since June 2023, Goff assured his Gloucestershire clientele of his continued cocaine supply, frequently travelling to the West Midlands via taxi services to buy the drugs.

The arrest came on 17 October when police intercepted Goff driving his mother’s vehicle, used in at least 16 drug procurement trips to the West Midlands. His capture on 10 November followed a taxi journey from Cheltenham to Stourbridge intended for a drug transaction.

An intensive investigation led by a specialised police unit targeting drug dealers culminated in the seizure of over 1kg of high-purity cocaine, valued at around £26,000. Examination of Goff’s mobile phone revealed numerous journeys made for acquiring the drugs. In addition to his jail sentence, Goff faces a five-year driving disqualification commencing upon his release.

A Gloucestershire Constabulary spokesperson said: “This case is another example of how the Constabulary is working tirelessly to disrupt the drugs market in Gloucestershire and dismantle organised crime groups.

“Enforcement activity takes place all year round, with those involved in drug supply being warned that they will be caught and put before the courts.”


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