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CHILD PROTECTION: Over 100 taxi, PHV and Uber drivers at Stansted Airport briefed by police

Image credit: Essex Police

Over 100 taxi, PHV and Uber drivers at Stansted Airport have been briefed in a child protection initiative.

In a concerted effort to combat child criminal exploitation, more than 100 taxi, Uber, and private hire vehicle (PHV). drivers were engaged in an informative operation at Stansted Airport.

The initiative on Saturday 13 January, part of a broader strategy to protect children from criminal activities, was spearheaded by local law enforcement in collaboration with the Children’s Society.

During this operation, 106 drivers were stopped and provided with essential information from the Children’s Society. This action forms part of a larger scheme that feeds into the Home Office, contributing to the development of a national program aimed at ensuring licensed drivers receive training in identifying and responding to child vulnerability and exploitation.

A significant finding from this initiative was that approximately a third of the drivers had not received any training related to child criminal exploitation or vulnerability. This highlighted a crucial gap in awareness and education among those in the transport sector. In addition to the educational aspect, the operation also had enforcement elements; one driver was dealt with for lacking proper insurance.

Superintendent Phil Stinger said: “Protecting children from being targeted and exploited by criminals, preying on their vulnerabilities, is one of our key priorities.

“But it’s not something we can do alone. We work with a range of partners, agencies and other organisations to help identify where a child may be being exploited and in danger.

“And taxi drivers can play a really valuable role in this. They come into contact with a huge number of people every day so can be really effective in recognising behaviour they don’t think is right.

“So it’s really important we engage with them and make them aware of signs a child’s being exploited."

Supt Stinger added: “I want to thank Stansted Airport for their support in this work.

“This is not stand-alone activity and not work which is reserved solely around the airport. We’ll be carrying out similar activity in different parts of the county in coming months.”


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