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City of London invites feedback on ambitious street transformation proposals around Newgate Street

Residents, businesses, and community groups in the City of London have been given the opportunity to share their thoughts and suggestions regarding the proposed transformation of the streets between the former Museum of London roundabout and St. Paul's Underground Station.

The proposals, which were approved by the City of London Corporation following a Planning and Transportation Committee meeting in June of this year, have already undergone extensive consultation with residents and community groups. The aim is to make significant changes to these streets, reducing their dependency on traffic and enhancing the experience for pedestrians and cyclists.

Some key features of the proposals include the partial removal of the existing gyratory system and the introduction of two-way movements for all vehicles on Newgate Street and St Martin's Le Grand, up to its junction with Angel Street. This significant alteration aims to improve traffic flow and safety for all road users.

Additionally, the plans encompass various improvements for pedestrians and cyclists, such as enhanced crossing facilities and the introduction of protected cycle lanes wherever feasible. A notable change is the creation of a new public square, which, at just over 3000sqm, would surpass the size of Aldgate Square and be the largest in the Square Mile.

To gather an understanding of the potential impact of the proposals, the City Corporation has opened the details of the plans for public consultation. This process will enable stakeholders to provide feedback and suggestions before the final design is confirmed. The consultation will also invite opinions on the name of the new public square, with four possible options set to be revealed soon.

While walking and cycling improvements take center stage in the proposals, some adjustments to bus and general traffic routes, as well as waiting and loading restrictions, are also included.

Chairman of the City of London’s Planning and Transport Committee, Shravan Joshi, said: “We look forward to receiving further public input into what are already exciting proposals. I am confident the plans for St Paul’s Gyratory will deliver huge benefits for people walking and cycling, and which are in step with the City Corporation’s climate action and air quality goals.

“Local residents and businesses also have a unique opportunity to be part of history, in the naming of the new public square and so, I would urge everyone to take part in the consultation.”


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