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City Taxis rebrands as Veezu, positioning themselves for further growth in UK private hire market

Image credit: VEEZU

City Taxis, one of the most prominent private hire operators in North Yorkshire and Derbyshire, has announced its transformation into Veezu. The rebranding comes following its acquisition by the Veezu Group earlier this year, marking a new chapter for the well-established company.

This strategic name change follows the consumer-facing rebranding of V Cars to Veezu in the southwest region last year. Veezu, widely recognised as one of the fastest-growing private hire services in the UK, aims to streamline its operations and enhance its nationwide presence.

With an impressive record of over 12,500 drivers completing an average of one ride every two seconds in 2022, Veezu has established itself as a force to be reckoned with in the private hire industry.

The transformation from City Taxis to Veezu represents a significant milestone for the company. Originating in the 1980s with just 34 cars and a manual booking system, City Taxis has undergone major growth and evolved alongside the changing dynamics of the transportation industry. Its services have expanded beyond North Yorkshire and Derbyshire, extending to South Yorkshire as well.

Through strategic acquisitions, City Taxis has successfully broadened its reach and strengthened its market presence. Notable acquisitions include Mercury Taxis in Sheffield, Club Taxi in Chesterfield, Derby Taxis, and Skyline Taxis in Rotherham. These strategic moves have seen to facilitate the company's growth and solidified its position as a leading player in the private hire sector.

Arnie Singh, Veezu's Regional Managing Director, said: "This change bring with it efficiencies for our business and creates a consistent brand of choice for driver-partners, passengers, and business accounts. Our footprint continues to grow, and this name change is another step on our journey to providing smarter local rides to communities nationwide."


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