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Claimed congestion around Euston Road cycle lane is being closely monitored by TfL says London Mayor

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Claims of rising congestion around Euston Road cycle lane is being closely monitored by Transport for London (TfL), says London Mayor.

The London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, also confirmed that should any severe issues be identified, TfL will “evaluate the reasons” and “investigate any possible steps to mitigate”.

As part of last month’s Mayor’s Question Time, Assembly Member David Kurten asked the Mayor what his future plans were in regards to the new road narrowing scheme on Euston Road.

Kurten claimed the new scheme is “causing congestion and increasing journey times for taxis, buses, delivery vehicles and emergency vehicles”.

Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, replied: “The recent changes on Euston Road, including the creation of a temporary protected cycle lane, are part of my Streetspace for London plan, which is making it easier for people to walk and cycle. It is vital to a green recovery that we prioritise active travel and sustainable modes of transport.

“The Euston Road temporary cycle lane will enable more people to cycle more often and relieve pressure on public transport while network capacity is reduced due to social distancing requirements. Euston Road typically has vehicle flows in excess of 3,000 vehicles per hour, which contributes to an unattractive cycling environment where people cycling normally have no option but to mix with general traffic. The temporary facility links two key cycle routes through the King’s Cross and Euston areas.

“TfL is closely monitoring this temporary scheme to ensure it maintains a resilient road network. Vehicle flows are being monitored in the area using a combination of signal timing technology and CCTV cameras. If severe issues are identified, TfL will evaluate the reasons and investigate any possible steps to mitigate.”


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