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Clipper Automotive showcases 100% electric TX4 at EV LIVE

Image credit: Clipper Automotive

Clipper Automotive has introduced thousands of drivers and electric vehicle enthusiasts to one of the country’s most innovative urban mobility solutions after exhibiting its 100% electric London TX4 conversion at EV LIVE.

Making its debut at the rapidly-growing Blenheim Palace-based event, the start-up electric vehicle company educated visitors on the many benefits of its zero-emissions-in-use taxi and how the conversion has already met with the approval of Oxford City Council and others.

Based on the iconic London TX4 taxi, of which there are an estimated 4,000 examples outside of the capital, the Clipper Cab replaces the original diesel engine with an upcycled, pure-electric Nissan Leaf battery and motor. Couple this second-life use of a proven drivetrain with a very low manufacturing carbon footprint, and it is one of the most environmentally-friendly taxis available.

Together with saving the base TX4 taxi from potentially being scrapped due to stricter emissions legislation, the conversion presents a win-win solution for cities and their taxi trade, improving air quality and lowering noise pollution, while also offering attractive operating costs.

Notably, the electric drivetrain ensures the Clipper Cab is fully compliant with Oxford City Council’s Zero Emissions Zone and the proposed second phases.

It’s literally a perfect fit for city transport, too. The Clipper Cab retains the TX4’s tight turning circle, making it ideal for maneuvering around the older, more narrow roads of the UK’s cities, while its distinctive style and space prove a hit with commuters, residents and tourists.

The Clipper Cab is the first vehicle to be offered by Clipper Automotive, with the business planning to apply its technology to other vehicle types in due course. To help it launch its first fleet of converted cabs, the company currently has a funding round open in partnership with Centrus.

Dr Alex Howard, Founder of Clipper Automotive, said: “Oxfordshire can benefit from the environmental benefits of the Clipper Cab, so EV LIVE provided the perfect platform to showcase the fully-licensed conversion to those who live in the region and further afield. Feedback was very encouraging, and we’d now like to build on this by partnering with a local authority to run a trial fleet that will contribute to making their borough a nicer, healthier place to live and work while also providing a fully-fledged and viable urban mobility solution.”


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