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‘CLOWN’: London taxi driver caught rolling cannabis joint whilst driving lambasted by colleagues

Updated: Jan 8, 2023

Image credit: Met Police Roads and Traffic Unit

A London taxi driver was caught by Met Police officers rolling a cannabis joint whilst driving in central London, much to the disgust of fellow working cabbies.

The driver, first seen driving on Aldwych, was pulled over by officers on 13 December. The cabbie tested positive for cannabis during a roadside test and later during blood tests whilst in custody.

One taxi driver called the cabbie an ‘embarrassment to such a great trade’. Another called the driver a ‘clown’ and said they ‘deserve what’s coming to him’.

Black cab driver Des O’Halloran said: “To brazenly roll it in a busy environment shows a lack of respect for the job he does.

“I don’t like to see anybody hit hard times when lose a job but this cannot be defended - takes the word stupidness to another level.”

A Met Police Roads and Transport spokesperson released images of the vehicle on social media saying: “Joint working Met Police cabs unit and TfL CPOS on 13/12/22.

“The driver of this taxi was first seen on Aldwych driving whilst rolling what appeared to be a cannabis joint.

“Vehicle stopped driver tested positive for cannabis at the roadside.

“Blood drawn in custody and the result is 4.6 µg/L. Prosecution case to follow.”


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