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‘COCKNEY REG’ AND THE £8,000 TAXI FARE: Yes Theory teams up with London cabbie for epic adventure

The American YouTube video production team, Yes Theory, embarked on an extraordinary journey with an unlikely companion - an East London black cab driver named 'Cockney Reg'. With a budget of $10,000, the group aimed to push the boundaries of what was thought possible for a taxi ride.

Cockney Reg, a seasoned cab driver whose experience spans 48 years, was no stranger to the bustling streets of London. However, he had never been presented with an opportunity quite like this - to embark on a journey far beyond the UK borders.

The premise was simple: Yes Theory aimed to embark on the "longest possible cab ride", continuing until the meter reached an astonishing £8,000 (equivalent to approximately $10,000). With this ambitious goal in mind, they set off looking to hail a taxi driver willing to accept the challenge.

The Yes Theory team, renowned for their pursuit of unconventional experiences, boldly approached Reg with a proposition to see how far he could get his passengers for the planned metered trip. Without hesitation, he agreed to take on the unique fare.

As they traversed through countries and borders, the team documented their journey on camera, capturing awe-inspiring landscapes, fascinating encounters with locals, and the sheer joy of venturing into the great unknown. From the bustling streets of London to the picturesque panoramas of continental Europe, the trip covered a staggering distance of 3,000 kilometers.

Reg, with his affable personality and wealth of knowledge, became more than just a driver - he became an integral part of the Yes Theory family. Together, they pushed past language barriers, navigated unfamiliar roads, and forged unforgettable memories.

This extraordinary road trip, undertaken by Yes Theory and their trusty London black cab driver, reminded us all that life's greatest adventures often lie just beyond our comfort zones. And for these intrepid explorers, the journey truly became the destination.


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