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ComCab reports record surge in taxi bookings in Liverpool since shops and bars re-opened

Image credit: ComCab

Liverpool’s hackney cabs have seen a record surge in bookings since shops, salons and bars have been allowed to re-open.

The figures are in from the first week of venues being open and ComCab, one of Liverpool's largest black cab firms, reports a 60% increase in fare bookings compared to pre-covid levels.

The surge in passenger journeys is a welcome boost for the industry. Taxis drivers were hit hard by the pandemic resulting in drivers leaving the trade altogether, unable to meet vehicle payments.

Karen Long, General Manager at ComCab, says: “As lockdown eases, customers are becoming more comfortable with going out but many are still hesitant to use public transport like the buses and trains.

“The peace of mind of a door to door service meant the Hackney has become the taxi of choice for an increasing number of Liverpool's residents. This started when many key workers chose us for essential journeys at the height of the pandemic.

“Customers have gone onto value the separate passenger compartment. Our drivers have been doing a great job letting passengers know they can book a black cab, not just flag us on the street, a long held myth! Passengers are also more enthusiastic knowing the cost of a black cab is comparable to a private hire car, this is great as it is giving the drivers back their livelihoods fare by fare.”

Hackney carriages carry up to six passengers and are purpose built to be easily cleaned; the driver compartment is always separated with a screen. Ventilation for the driver and passengers are also separate.

The iconic Black cab can pick up and set down in the street, or can be booked. Known as hackney carriages, these cabs in the city are licensed by Liverpool City Council, with strict safety measures. Karen adds: “Out of town drivers are often not familiar with local routes. Many operators in the Merseyside area have drivers that are licensed in other cities and even regions. I hope the people of Liverpool will shop local for their cabs this year and support the local economy.”

Alan Cain from Aigburth has been driving a cab in the city for 21 years. He told ComCab: “The revival of the trend to book a black cab is a benefit to the whole licensed trade in Liverpool. Out on the road you see cars licensed from all over the place coming from outside the City to work, it’s a nightmare. Like other ComCab drivers I’m licensed and live in Liverpool and we are small independent businesses in our own right. Supporting local black cabs is great for the city.

“The hackney fleet is an essential part of the local economy and makes a big contribution to the tourism sector. We are crucial to Liverpool’s future success. During the pandemic we’ve been on our knees, we put ourselves at risk to work through the height of the pandemic and so it’s a major relief to be coming out of lockdown.”

With many UK residents opting for staycations this year, ComCab believes the city’s cabbies are looking forward to taxi-ing a large number of British visitors around the city in Summer 2021.


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