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Complaints against taxi and PHV drivers in Leeds rise to above 700 in 2023

Image credit: Ross Campbell

Leeds City Council has received a significant number of complaints concerning the taxi and private hire sector in 2023, highlighting concerns over driver conduct, vehicle standards, and breaches of licensing conditions.

A total of 772 grievances were lodged, indicating there may be a need for action to uphold passenger safety and service quality.

The bulk of complaints stem from issues related to driver behaviour, including allegations of inappropriate sexual conduct, with 35 such complaints raising serious concerns. This is compounded by complaints about defective vehicles, overcharging, and discrimination.

The response to these complaints often involves verbal or written warnings to the drivers involved, with records maintained on their licensing files. Repeat offenders may face suspension or be required to undergo additional training, highlighting the council's commitment to addressing these issues on a case-by-case basis.

Interestingly, it could be argued that an increase in revocations for motoring offences and the rise in licence suspensions in 2023 point to a tougher stance on compliance, ensuring that only those deemed 'fit and proper' are allowed to operate within this vital sector of the city's transport network.


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