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Compulsory card payments for taxi drivers across whole Medway region could arrive soon

In a move to modernise the taxi industry in Medway, it is currently being debated whether all licensed taxi drivers should be required to accept card payments.

While a recent survey indicated that 52% of drivers were in favour of this new policy, 48% expressed strong opposition citing concerns about limited mobile data connectivity in certain areas and the additional charges associated with card transactions.

The issue of mandatory card payments gained prominence during the coronavirus lockdown period when passengers considered it a safer and more convenient form of payment. It also addressed the safeguarding concerns raised by instances where individuals were stranded late at night due to a lack of cash.

According to Kent Online, currently 60% of members from the Medway Licensed Taxi Drivers Association (MLTDA) already accept non-cashless fares. However, the proposal to make card payments compulsory for all licensed and private hire taxi drivers in the region has stirred debate among cabbies.

The council's licensing meeting, scheduled for Wednesday, will provide the platform for thorough discussion and consideration of this proposed policy. It is anticipated that the meeting will offer an opportunity for cabbies to voice their concerns and for the council to address the issues raised by the opposition.

If approved, the implementation of compulsory card payments for all licensed taxi drivers in Medway has the potential to modernise the industry and enhance the level of service provided.


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