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Conditions only “effective if Uber implements them and are held accountable“ says Addison Lee CEO

Conditions on Uber’s new London operator’s licence will “only be effective if Uber implements them and are held accountable” says CEO of private hire firm Addison Lee.

Yesterday global ride-hailing giants Uber won its appeal to be granted a new London operator’s licence following a court ruling despite the magistrate acknowledging their ‘historical failings’.

Deputy Senior Judge Tan Ikram deemed the private hire firm to be a ‘fit and proper person to hold a London Private Hire Vehicle operator’s licence’.

A new 18-month licence with 21 conditions, devised jointly by Transport for London (TfL) and Uber, was handed to the minicab firm.

In his decision on Uber’s appeal against TfL's refusal to renew its operating licence, Deputy Senior Judge Tan Ikram stated that he had “sufficient confidence that ULL no longer poses a risk to public safety”, finding that the company is now ‘fit and proper’ to hold a private hire vehicle operator’s licence.

The appeal was heard from 14 to 17 September, with judgement subsequently reserved until yesterday.

Liam Griffin, CEO of Addison Lee, said yesterday: “We are disappointed by today’s decision. This is the second time Uber have been deemed unfit by the regulator for serious safety breaches and yet again they have been granted a reprieve, which we believe puts passengers at risk.

“Uber has allowed nearly 15,000 journeys to occur where the passenger in the back of the vehicle wasn’t being driven by the correct driver – in some cases by someone who wasn’t even licensed to drive a Private Hire Vehicle.

“Safety is fundamental to the Private Hire industry, and these breaches are evidence that Uber is unable to guarantee its passengers that they know who is driving them and their families around London. The Magistrate and TfL should impose significant conditions on Uber’s licence to ensure Londoner’s safety; however, these will only be effective if Uber implements them and are held accountable should they fail to meet them.”


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