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Conservative London mayoral hopeful would consider a ‘SEPARATE SCHEME’ to support EV taxi drivers

Conservative London mayoral hopeful would consider looking at a ‘separate scheme’ to support taxi drivers make the move to greener electric taxis.

The comments came from Susan Hall who has been a London Assembly member since 2017. Hall AM has challenged the current Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, on a wide range of topics, including issues impacting the taxi industry.

Her passion for change has seen Hall AM put her name forwards to become the next Conservative candidate to take on Khan in the London Mayoral elections.

As part of a longer ‘Questions and Answers’ session, TaxiPoint asked what more can be done to reduce the cost or better support cabbies making the move to electric black cabs in the capital.

Susan Hall AM told TaxiPoint: “Ensuring that we continue to improve air quality is high on my priorities, however I don't believe that people should be forced out of their livelihoods or into debt in order to do this.

“I am so pleased that many taxi drivers are looking to switch to electric vehicles but this does come with a considerable cost. I am also concerned that there are far too few charging points in and around London. This is why I would work to see if I could either extend the scrappage scheme to taxi drivers, or look into a separate scheme for taxi drivers to upgrade their current vehicles.

“I pledge that I will look into ways to support London taxi drivers as best as I can.”


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