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Conservative mayoral candidate Susan Hall meets LTDA and promises to support ‘let down’ taxi trade

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

Image credit: Susan Hall (X, formerly known as Twitter)

The Conservative London mayoral candidate said taxi drivers have been ‘let down massively’ by Sadiq Khan after a meeting with trade representatives this week.

In a social media post on Wednesday, Susan Hall, the Conservative Party candidate for the upcoming Mayor of London elections, expressed her commitment to addressing the concerns of taxi drivers and vowed to rectify the challenges they have encountered under the leadership of Sadiq Khan.

Hall took to social media to share her thoughts after attending a meeting hosted by The Licensed Taxi Drivers' Association (LTDA), where she had the opportunity to listen to the grievances of taxi drivers. Emphasising the significance of London's iconic black cabs, Hall criticised the current Mayor for failing to support the industry and making it unnecessarily difficult for taxi drivers to carry out their work effectively.

Hall's remarks have struck a chord with many of the capital’s taxi drivers who feel their concerns have not been adequately addressed by the current administration. The candidates vying for the Mayor of London position have begun actively engaging with various groups and communities in an attempt to secure support and address the city's most pressing issues.

Restriction on road access, lower speed limits and the introduction of new regulations that could see drivers out of a job after accumulating just six points on their licence, have all been cited as factors negatively impacting the taxi industry in recent years.

Susan Hall, Conservative Party candidate for Mayor of London elections next year, said via social media: “Amazing meeting at The LTDA hearing the concerns of taxi drivers. London black cabs are truly iconic, but the industry has been let down massively by Sadiq Khan, shutting them out of streets and making it unnecessarily hard to do their jobs.

“With me as Mayor, that will change.”


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