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Consultation sparks debate on Reading's Bus Lane Policy

Reading Borough Council (RBC) has launched a public consultation regarding its controversial plan to open up a notorious bus lane on King's Road to additional traffic. The proposal, aimed at licensed private hire taxis and hackney carriages, seeks to alleviate congestion but faces criticism over safety concerns in what is described as a "crash-prone" area.

The current allowance for motorbikes, bicycles, buses, and wheelchair taxis to use this outbound lane has been in place without incident. However, following applications from private hire drivers in 2022 for access, council officers have warned of potential risks to road safety due to increased traffic flow.

According to the BBC, some critics, including Peter Seymour from the Reading Motorcycle Action Group, have labelled the bus lane a "known blackspot", expressing fears that expanding access could lead to serious accidents. Despite these warnings, RBC's traffic management sub-committee has unanimously decided to proceed with public consultation, citing an initial positive response from an informal inquiry last November.

As Reading residents and stakeholders weigh in before the 21 February deadline, the council remains committed to reviewing the community's feedback with an eye towards a final decision in March.


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