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CONVERTED TAXI ICON: Ronnie’s Black Cab cooks up a pie and mash dream

Image credit: Ronnie’s Black Cab Pie and Mash

Could there be anything more ‘London’ than hailing an iconic black cab or having a double-double pie and mash in the capital?

Well thanks to one man you can now go full-out Cockney by having your pie and mash cooked and delivered in a jaw-dropping converted black cab direct to your front door.

The man behind the new initiative, Jamie Mitchell, is the 30-year-old Grandson of Ronnie Mitchell who started up Stables Taxis in the 1970s.

Jamie’s family lived and breathed the taxi industry growing up around the taxi trade. Jamie himself, his brother Robert, his father Glen, and grandparents Ronnie and Edna Mitchell were all involved with the garage at various points throughout the years.

“My Grandad started Stable Taxis in the 1970s where my dad also worked. I used to go to the garage as a kid at weekends and polish cabs and tidy up. I worked there from leaving school with brief breaks to go travelling,” said Jamie.

As the coronavirus pandemic struck, the young entrepreneur decided to take the risk in merging two of London’s most loved icons.

Jamie said: “I realised a couple of years back that I wanted to try something different, and went on an evening cooking course. Once lockdown hit I realised that this was my opportunity to try something new.

“I spent many evenings figuring out how I would include food and taxis and make it work, this is when the idea of Ronnie’s Black Cab came up! After sharing the idea with my Grandad and seeing his excitement at the idea of pie and mash being cooked in the back of a cab, it was clear I had to get to work straight away!”

The end product is based around a distinctive black TX4 taxi rescued from the scrapheap. With some clever engineering, a folding serving hatch has now been inserted into the passenger cabin of the taxi along with a cooker and serving table.

Jaime said: “I came up with the idea in September 2020 and after doing some homework on how I would get it to work and stripping out a scraped cab at Stables, I realised it could be done.

“With regards to the conversion, I had many quotes off various food truck conversion companies, but they were very expensive and not based anywhere near London.

“So after asking around I was told to see a guy in Greenwich called Henry Stringer (Stringer LTD) who was very excited about the project and got to work on the cab in late October.

“He did a great job on the taxi, and obviously it being a very rare request things didn’t always go according to plan.

“The main long-term aim for Ronnie’s Black Cab is to be hired for events, parties, weddings and such things. At the moment I’m doing deliveries, to build up a following before COVID restrictions start easing.”

Sadly Jamie’s Grandad Ronnie passed away in November and the taxi wasn’t finished until the end of December. But since the cab opened up its hatch to its first customers the feedback has been ‘great’.

Jamie said: “I’ve received great support from lots of taxi drivers which is very much appreciated and some nice messages regarding my Grandad also.

“The fantastic response to the taxi itself and our homemade pie and mash means I’m excited for the future of Ronnie’s Black Cab.”

To check out the full menu, hungry visitors are urged to visit:


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