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Cordic begins testing of new UK driver app as it aims to take the fight to ride-hailing services

Image credit: Cordic

Cordic Ltd, one of the industry leaders in innovative technologies for the taxi and private hire sector, has unveiled a new passenger app and launched a beta-testing program of a new driver app to help fleet owners expand and customise their services, taking on the challenge posed by the rise in ride-hailing apps such as Uber.

Launched this month, the new passenger app provides a range of innovative tools including a delivery option, ASAP and advance bookings, improved and extended branding options, and a “cleaner, more modern booking flow”.

The new driver app, currently under phase one beta-testing, is designed for drivers to maximise their efficiency on-the-job and communication with head office, while enabling fleet operators to improve driver recruitment and retention, a spokesperson for the company said.

Available across the UK and set to be implemented by Cordic’s existing clients, the company says “the app will revolutionise“ day-to-day operations by enabling drivers to set daily goals, opt-in to follow-on jobs, or head towards under-served areas ahead of demand.

A new chat feature also provides drivers with a way of contacting their office whilst not on a shift in order to report any issues, while incoming messages can be dictated through the module directly to the driver.

A spokesperson for the company said the app is seen as a key development in the ongoing fight against ride-hailing apps, as it enables fleet owners to join forces in areas where the likes of Uber or Bolt do not currently operate. Fleet operators can offer all of the modern services and features that customers have come to expect, combined with the extensive knowledge and expertise of fully-licensed local drivers.

Speaking about the driver app launch, Cordic Ltd CEO, Tom Peyerl, said: “Our new driver app is a key moment in enabling us to build on our foundations and deliver step-change and market shaping customer outcomes. Cordic is an independent and loyal partner to the taxi trade and is passionate about serving our customers, drivers and partners. This app is a real game-changer for us in enabling fleet operators to take the challenge back to industry disruptors and attempt to reclaim our position as the preferred choice for customers.”

Cordic Chairman, Mark Silver, added: “Our stakeholders believe in the potential of Cordic as a long-serving independent partner to the UK taxi trade, at a time when there is a huge appetite to develop and launch superior products and services to customers. As technology such as AI continues to evolve at a rapid pace, our team has the expertise to leverage these effectively and create a revolution in smart transportation and connectivity for the taxi and private hire industry. Our new driver app is the just the beginning of this exciting journey.”


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