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CORDS EXPOSED: Four West Midlands taxis seized after operation uncovers tyre defects

Image credit: West Midlands Police Traffic Unit

In a recent road safety operation conducted by the West Midlands Police Traffic Unit, officers arrested one individual for drug driving and issued numerous prosecutions for various defects found in vehicles which included four taxis.

The operation was conducted in collaboration with Coventry Police, DVSA Enforcement, WVProtect, and Coventry City Council.

During the course of the operation, it was found that some vehicles had illegal tyres, and as a result, four taxis were prohibited and seized. The operation was aimed at ensuring the safety of drivers and passengers, and to prevent any potential accidents caused by defective vehicles.

A West Midlands Police Traffic Unit spokesperson said via social media: “RHPT officers have been conducting a road safety operation with @CoventryPolice @DVSAEnforcement @WVProtect @coventrycc

“One arrested for drug driving, numerous prosecutions for defects with some prohibited or seized, including 4 taxis which were prohibited for illegal tyres.”


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