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CORDS SHOWING: Taxi driver fined mammoth £2,547 for two slick tyres

Image credit: DVSA Enforcement

A Swansea taxi driver has been hit with a hefty fine and costs totalling £2,547 after pleading guilty to breaching tyre safety regulations.

The driver's vehicle was stopped and inspected by the DVSA Enforcement in Swansea, which led to the discovery of two front tyres exposing cords, posing a severe risk to road users and passengers.

Tyres are a critical component of road safety, with worn or damaged ones potentially causing accidents and impairing vehicle control. It is the responsibility of all drivers, especially those operating commercial vehicles such as taxis, to ensure that their tyres comply with safety standards.

After being reported by the DVSA Enforcement, the taxi driver appeared in the magistrates' court and entered a guilty plea. The court issued a fine in addition to costs, totalling a sum of £2,547.

A DVSA Enforcement spokesperson, said: “This taxi was stopped and inspected in Swansea.

“The driver was reported for the two front tyres exposing cords.

“The driver subsequently plead guilty at magistrates court and was issued with a fine/costs totalling £2,547.”


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