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Cornwall taxi drivers set for 12.3% fare increase to help tackle rising costs

Taxi drivers in North Cornwall could see a 12.3% fare increase passed in a bid to tackle rising fuel and living costs hitting the industry.

North Devon Council is the latest local authority to consult on changes to its Hackney Carriage fare tariff and has invited the community to have their say.

The council is holding a 14 day consultation on the proposed increase in prices, which have not been raised since 2016. The proposed new tariff (with the exception of waiting time) has been increased by 12.3%, which is based on the increased rate of Consumer Price Index since 2016.

Opinions on the changes to the tariff are invited from the taxi trade, general public and anybody with an interest in taxis. The public consultation will take place from Wednesday 25 May to Wednesday 8 June.

Leader of North Devon Council, Councillor David Worden, said: "We would like to encourage anyone who drives or regularly uses taxis or private hire vehicles to take part in this consultation.

“Whilst we appreciate the increases may not be popular with taxi users, it is important to those in the taxi trade that the prices they're able to charge are fair and in line with a rise in running costs. Our committee members need your input in order to make an informed decision regarding these new proposals”.


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