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COSTLY: Eastbourne taxi drivers raise concerns over FORCED CCTV rules pushing cabbies out of trade

Updated: May 29, 2023

Eastbourne Borough Council are facing a backlash from concerned taxi drivers after the council makes it mandatory for all taxis to install CCTV in their cars.

The costs of installation and maintenance of CCTV cameras in the cars are estimated to be around £500, which has led to fears that many drivers may quit, potentially leaving residents stranded.

Eastbourne MP Caroline Ansell has raised concerns about the impact of these costs on the already declining numbers of taxi drivers in Eastbourne. She has urged the borough council to hold discussions with drivers and owners to address their concerns.

According to a representative from the Eastbourne Taxi Operators, Jeff Defalco, the post-pandemic numbers have already fallen, and the financial burdens placed upon drivers by changes introduced by the council have only worsened the problem.

Eastbourne Borough Council has stated that an increasing number of councils across the UK are implementing mandatory CCTV for taxis following guidance from the Department for Transport (DfT). However, there is a need to balance concerns not only that focus on the financial side when it comes to CCTV, but also questions around privacy infringement and the benefits of enhanced safety measures.


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