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Council concerned after receiving reports of unlicensed illegal ‘taxis’ operating in Merthyr Tydfil

Merthyr Tydfil Council’s Licensing Department is receiving information that unlicensed drivers are continuing to operate illegal ‘taxis’ across the region.

All licensed drivers and vehicles are assessed by the Council to ensure they are maintained to an acceptable standard and are safe and suitable to carry passengers.

Unlicensed vehicles will not have the correct insurance in place, with drivers not having undertaken the relevant safeguarding checks. Neither will their vehicles have been assessed and they could be in an unroadworthy condition.

Vehicles licensed by the Council will display door stickers on both front doors, and licence plates on the rear of the vehicle and windscreen.

Only licensed Hackney Carriages can be flagged down in the road. These are black vehicles with a white roof light. All will have a taxi meter programmed with the current tariffs, and this must be switched on when the journey begins to ensure the correct fare is charged.

Cllr Michelle Symonds, Cabinet Member for Regeneration, Housing and Public Protection, said: “Last year, we issued a warning to members of the public about the dangers of travelling in unlicensed vehicles - and although the problem has improved, there are still people flouting the rules.

“The purpose of taxi licensing is to protect the public, and we would like to remind residents and visitors of the risks of getting into these vehicles. Drivers have direct responsibility for the safety of passengers and significant control over passengers – passengers who may be alone and/or vulnerable.

“Customers travelling in these vehicles are putting themselves at risk and we urge members of the public to use only licensed vehicles and drivers.”

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